Hope Builders Youth Art


The most crucial period of youth development is during the fundamental education years and if at this period, one is guided towards seeing and developing ability for productivity, one is wired towards impact. We want to capture these young people at these stages of life and sell them a life full of productive impact by introducing Youth Arts into our communities. Research shows that compared with other activities, the arts elicits the strongest commitment from young people, some of whom remain in school or after school programmes because they are highly engaged by their participation in the arts. The Youth Arts field is characterised by its focus on providing arts experiences where disadvantaged youth populations are found, including schools, community centres, detention camps, and group homes. It is based on these findings that Hope Builders Foundation for Entrepreneurial Education proposed Youth Arts as a platform for economic, political and social emancipation of impoverished young People.

Although there are young people and adults with decades of operating experience in the arts, a large number of these individuals are not able to define and document in details, their objectives, successes and failures in the industry because of lack of a viable structure. The Hope Builders Youth Arts will be a vital resource, adding to the people’s rich culture and diversity. We will serve not only our immediate communities in Kaduna state, but also the entire country and Africa as a continent as well as tourists.


To empower communities through artistic and cultural expression, mediums, education and programming


Creating a generation of ethical leaders who are dedicated to community change by fostering a commitment to service and activism through artistic and cultural performance, exhibition and programming


The Hope Builders Youth Arts is a community based arts and cultural organization.

  1. We are dedicated to inspiring children and youth to serve as agents of change, cultivating their leadership skills and fostering a commitment to community service and activism.
  2. We encourage, support and promote the work of young aspiring artists.
  3. We offer visual and performing arts programs and classes including music, dance, drama, audio recording, and arts and crafts.
  4. We also strive to develop partnership with organizations that are similarly committed to a mission like ours.



A growing body of research concerning the outcomes of youth programs around the globe is helping to establish the understanding that the arts play a special role in contributing to youth development. Distinguished organizations in the field share specific program attributes, no matter where the programs are located. These attributes include: long-term contact with participating youth; a core relationship between youth and professional artists; the emphasis on youth participation in making art; youth accountability for the public presentation of their art; high standards and expectations of the creative process and product. The sole aim is to provide channels for a youth “voice.”

Interest in the arts came as no surprise; research shows that arts education improves youth’s artistic and life skills, self-image, and social commitment. With support from worthy organizations and individuals, the Hope Builders Youth Arts will stand as a giant hub for youth development. The initiative sought answers to these questions: What do young people want? What do they need? How do we reach them? How do we sustain their involvement so they remain engaged in the arts?

The Hope Builders Youth Arts is a field of high-profit arts programs that go beyond current definitions of arts education. Therefore, building youth participation in the arts will result in a holistic approach that integrates star artists and dreaming artists; also integrates arts learning with principles of youth development. The Programme is designed to help professional artist and up-coming artists develop new programs and services for themselves or to rethink and strengthen programs they already offer. Profiles of organizations and individuals in varying stages of implementing this approach will illustrate the concepts this guide describes.


The focus is on visual and performing arts programs and classes including music, dance, theatre, audio recording, and arts and crafts. The activities of this project shall include the following phases: Pre-production, Production, Post Production, and Marketing.

  1. Visual arts: the program provides innovative, fun and creative visual art classes for youth. Our program incorporates project-based learning, which requires young people to work together in groups to develop different art schemes and concepts though visual arts. The classes will educate learners on the various forms of visual art, including mixed medium painting and sculpting.
  2. Dance: Dance Program focuses on youth and teenagers, leading them through various forms of dance based on cultural settings. The goal is to give young people a “gift of dance.”
  3. Films/movie: This is aimed at introducing young people to production of low budget and quality films based on their history.
  4. Music: The program allows young people to learn about the music industry and obtain skills to use in the work place or through entrepreneurship. Participants will learn professional techniques for mixing, mastering and engineering various musical compositions. The curriculum includes use of quality equipment with music industry software; including Reasons, Garage band, and Pro Tools. Song writing and song arrangement techniques are inclusive for the purpose of engineering original music.
  5. Sketching: Participants in this class will be drawing and sketching out designs for printing. Various methods are used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.


The aim of Hope Builders Youth Arts is to help young people to cultivate start-ups business idea in all aspects of the arts, teach them basic strategies like estimating costs and writing a business plan, and help them network their ideas toward sources of funding.

Among the many skills that learners are expected to acquire in a Youth arts hub:

  1. Non verbal expression skills,
  2. Problem solving skills,
  • Team skills, as well as
  1. Listening and empathy skills.

The entrepreneurial attitude competences to be learnt include:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-confidence
  • Personal responsibilities
  1. Flexibility
  2. Adaptability
  3. Orientation to opportunity
  • Pro-activity, and
  • Persistence

Among the specific objectives of entrepreneurial education are:

  1. Demonstrate a good grasp of society – its functions, its economic demands etc.
  2. Recognize socio-economic opportunities in environment.
  • Acquire and deploy the skills necessary for turning opportunities into viable ventures.

Most artists have it in principle to run large enterprises but they don’t know how. So, being entrepreneurs ourselves, we sell our package to them and often, a partnership is forged. The activities therefore are carried out one step at a time in this order:

  1. Test Interest and Generate Support.
  2. Every successful art initiative needs support from the inside out. Internally, we need a network of professionals with entrepreneurial experience that can be advisers.  The need of the professionals into the equation can never be over emphasized. It is very important, because they can act as liaisons. Additionally, they can provide a foundation for eventually implementing entrepreneurship into the arts community.
  3. We also need to connect to entrepreneurs and corporate bodies within the surrounding area, who can come to our hub to motivate the learners who are unaware of the value of entrepreneurship. There are a huge number of young people that still don’t think of the arts as a viable career alternative for them. But it fundamentally is; arts entrepreneurship plays a vital role in revitalizing the economy.
  • Finally, we start advertising the hub to young people who would want to join the team. We shall spread the word through the social media and at the same time put up fliers. As much as possible we will promote the importance of arts as an alternative career choice.
  1. Put Learning into Action.
    Once a Youth Arts hub is established, we shall ensure that all the five units get their businesses started – at the hub. Each unit will find a product or service that is not common within the community and provide same to the public. Arts success is like a three-legged stool: you need resources, opportunity, and people. Most businesses don’t require a lot of start-ups capital, which is something we tend to forget.

Finally, with proper monitoring, management and motivation, each established unit would start offering professional services outside the hub.