Freetale Forum

EVERY SOUL HAS A PURPOSE “Everyone that breathes has a mission, has a work. Everysoul that  breathes has a prepared destiny; Your responsibility is to discover yourself and start moving into your destiny. We are not sent into this world for nothing; we are not here that we may go to bed at night, and get up in the morning, toil for daily bread, rear a family and die. God has everyone of us; he creates every soul for a purpose.”  
Our Existence
Hope Builders International Consult believes in God’s redemptive mission. The organization believes in God’s All – Round Redemption. God’s redemption involves a holistic development of the human being; thereby transforming people to what God intends them to be.


 is one of the service units of Hope Builders International Consult Ltd. It is working to lay a groundwork for more intensive attention to issues confronting young adults, strategies that empower youth to be leaders and make hope – bearing choices in their everyday lives, and skills needed by families and the general society to foster positive growth and development of the youth.

The Forum believes that the issues of contemporary young adults must not be borne by the youth alone, but must be cared for forthrightly within a cohesive and caring community that includes youth’s families and the extended family comprising religious organizations in concert with community and opinion leaders. However, Hope Builders does not seek to replace government or religious organizations, but to partner with them in building healthy resourceful youths for our communities through various programmes.