Organizational Structure

The initiator and founder remains the director general of Hope Builders League. HBL has two administrative organs:
A. Board of Trustees
B. Board of management

The board of trustees comprises of reputable men and women who have interest in youth development. They hold the properties of HBL in trust. They have an appointed chairman and an elected secretary. They ensure that proper books of accounts are maintained and audited annually. The board shall consist of seven members.

The board of management of HBL is the administrative organ of the organization. It directs the daily affairs of HBL. The board shall consist of eleven (11) members comprises of:

  • 1. The Director General (DG)
  • 2. General Secretary
  • 3. Finance Director
  • 4. Youth built Director
  • 5. Workforce building Director
  • 6. Care and support Director
  • 7. Missions support Director
  • 8. Legal adviser
  • 9. Three opinion leaders

We therefore seek out individuals and organizations that will work along side with us to bring about peaceful positive change for young adults on the very fringes of society.