3. In your quiet time, ask God to give you a new revelation of his character or his will from the bible. But do these with the expectation that God will later reveal somebody else that you should share with. After getting the word is continually asking the Lord the appropriate person and time to share this word. Be diligent and bold as you seek for the recipient of this word, but be patient and wait for the Lord’s timing. Anticipate that the Lord is going to use you in a mighty way. After you share that word, ask for another revelation for another person in your next quiet time.

4. Before the next community meeting, find at least one person who will keep you accountable for your actions, attitudes, and spiritual growth. Invite them to approach you with criticism or advice. But only do this if you really mean it. Ask God to show you the right person. Do not choose your spouse or anybody from the opposite sex. If you have done this already in the past, approach that individual and reaffirm your commitment to accountability and transparency.

5. Before the next community meeting, if you have delegated responsibilities to another person or group, hold a brief meeting with them where you ask them if they have any input. Ask them if they are enjoying their responsibilities. Ask them if they have proper resources to complete their responsibilities. Ask them if they have any ideas of how to make their work more productive and more fun. Ask them if there is something else they would rather be doing. Try to think of other questions: do not give an immediate reply but take at least 1 day to pray before responding. Before you dismiss them, don’t forget to thank them for their commitment to the Lord and their service to the community.

6. The next time somebody makes a decision that has negative consequences, set aside time to encourage that person and reaffirm your trust and confidence in that person. Do it deliberately and affectionately. Ask the Lord if this should be a private or public conversation.

7. If you find yourself complaining or gossiping with others about an individual, immediately change the subject and mention 3 positive things about that individual. Ask you gossiping partner to contribute at least 1 good quality. End the conversation in prayer.

8. Prepare a 5 minute word of inspiration for the communication. Ask the Lord for the appropriate message and time to share this word. It might be at the next community meeting, or it might be in one year. But always be ready to share it. This is not to be a correction, or rebuke. After sharing it, prepare another one.

9. Ask God to give you a unique idea of how you as an individual can bless the community. God may ask you to do this act in secret.

10. Ask God to give you a unique idea that you can share at the next community meeting to recommend for others to do anything that will facilitate generosity, transparency, teamwork, and servant- leadership within the community. This could be the same as in the previous step but it might be different. Consider sharing it with your leader before bringing it to the group. Remember to do first, and then teach. Present the idea in a suggestive manner and not as a complain and see continuously your transformed/developed.