free-tale 2016

dsc_0007dsc_0070 Hope Builders Foundation for Entrepreneurial Education recorded another successful free-tale event on Thursday 8, September 2016. The events at the Free –Tale included a graduation ceremony, to certify those who completed training courses “Inside and outside of the Hope Builders’ Skills School.” The curriculum of the Skills School includes:

  • skill acquisition
  • life skills
  • communication
  • Marketing skillsdsc_0027
  • Motivationdsc_0087
  • Negotiation skills etc.

The high number invitees and attendance indicated that the graduates are happy.dsc_0011

The Executive Director Rev. Mathias B. Yashim discuss his views on entrepreneurial processes; business start-up and growth, encouraging young people to take this opportunity as this will make them standout among others.

Participating in this event makes me to realize that having the require skill is as important as having an idea to become an entrepreneur. It is almost unbelievable to see youths train to acquire these skills (Beads-crafts making, Catering services, Make-up art) within the stipulated time for almost free. Thanks to the tutors.dsc_0020

With the level of entrepreneurship concepts exhibited today by the graduates, am rest assured that we have a future. The future only belongs to those who prepare for it.

To add color to the event, an eleven-member committee was inaugurated to organize dsc_0012the 2016 Career Day. The Career Day tagged Our Art…, Our Literature… Our future is scheduled for November 2016.

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  1. The purpose of the Youth Hope-Builders Academy is to promote the growth and development of Black youth as Christians and to enliven their awareness of and commitment to Christian vocation and practices in the Church and world through hope-filled and hope-building methods. The ultimate goal is for these adults to see their participation in the Academy and their ongoing support of their youth as a pivotal part of their own Christian practices and learning.

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