We build Resourceful youth

The strength of any nation is in the resourcefulness of it youth, we are focus in building global strength

Inspiring Hopeful Living

Free tale forum

the free tale forum engages  stakeholders, volunteers and other non governmental organizations to brainstorm on the current trend that affects development as well proffer solutions that will strategically  align the efforts of individual organization.

Citizenship Education

The outcry of any Citizen always seem to be his right that the government, stakeholders, corporate organisations, individuals have staple on. but who should cry if the citizen fail to carryout their duties such as voting, proper disposal of waste. this lead us to engage in citizen education.

Career Day

The failing educational system has deviated many from the path to their destiny, our education have left career skills out of the institution and many have drop their skills to pick up pen and paper. Our commitment is to reintegrate the creative art back to secondary schools