Our Vision

Hope Builders International Consult seeks to be a prominent quality capacity building firm, faithfully applying professional excellence for professional development, producing erudite leaders and personnel, committed to a life of increase, openness, generosity and accountability.

Our Mission

Hope Builders International Consult exists to build hope in individuals and groups by providing workshops and training that leads to proactive minds, and by developing work skills in order to equip a generation of people that will live proactive lives and serve the society better.

Freetale Forum

The FREE TALE FORUM is one of the service units of Hope Builders International Consult Ltd. It is working to lay a groundwork for more intensive attention to issues confronting young adults, strategies that empower youth to be leaders and make hope – bearing choices in their everyday lives, and skills needed by families and the general society to foster positive growth and development of the youth. | Read More

HopeBuilders Youth Art

The most crucial period of youth development is during the fundamental education years and if at this period, one is guided towards seeing and developing ability for productivity, one is wired towards impact. We want to capture these young people at these stages of life and sell them a life full of productive impact by introducing Youth Arts into our communities. Research shows that compared with  |Readmore

Enterprise Club

Around the world communities with the brightest futures create innovative opportunities for young people to build sustainable livelihoods, create meaningful careers and shape better realities for themselves and for others around them. Unfortunately, the youths in Nigeria and Africa as a continent find themselves jobless and entrenched in systems that do not welcome innovation or change. |Readmore